The Ultra Low Power RTU have Powerful TI 16-bit microcontroller, very low power. 4Mbit flash memory for Program and log.Internal Lithium 3.6VDC battery pack (min 2x19Ah), lasts for 5 to 7 years, This unit is up to any application where low number of IO and no enrergy is available. Best Technology, Best Preformance, Best Price
AMP-LPL-67 Outdoor LowPower Asset Locator
The RTU have Internal battery pack that lasting 5 to 7 years before service Complies with IP67 standard Alarms and Events can be notified immediately as an SMS and/or email Tilt detection High Sensitivity up to -159 dBm (indoor reception) The GPS location transmissions are sent via GPRS Logging and a view interface on tracked assets' locations and statuses.
Personal locator Baby sitter
The Telit module handles all GSM/GPS processing for, signal and data within the EZmove.Unit work on internal LIPO battery 1200ma/h 4ma consumption average on sleep mode 60ma average transmitting SMS Charging temperature +5°C to +45°C. 3 axis accelerometer sensor to detect free fall, movement or orientation change.Internal Microphone, 1W speaker; Hands-Free.
Cellular RTU
This RTU is small but Intelligent, it is all about power, ARM 9 CPU, Linox based operating system, IEC 61131 programming tool, protected IO, Ethernet, USB Host and serial ports, 8MB Flash and 4MB RAM can deal with any size of program and if this is not enough, memory can be extended up to 8GB using build in Micro SD. With its GSM module it was designed to be the brain in remote sites, can handle large amount of Remote IO and report via dedicated protocol that assure low communication traffic. Can be integrated with any SCADA application.
Reverse osmosis containerized solutions for sea water desalination
Reverse osmosis towed system solution for sea water desalination
mobile potable water station disinfection and treatment of river water
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